Youth are our future, and the tragedy of youthful addiction can be particularly painful.

Young people are highly vulnerable to some factors that promote drug use, and especially susceptible to the risks inherent in over-use. 
The social and physical consequences of addiction for youth, their families, and communities are depriving us of valuable tomorrows.

Over the last twenty years, harder drugs like heroin and cocaine have become cheaper and purer.
Even marijuana is many times more potent than some adults may remember from the pot of the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Ecstasy, crank (speed,) and an ever-growing array of powerful new “designer drugs” are readily available to young people in all communities.
The risks associated with youth drug use have soared, and the consequences of addiction are increasingly serious and life-threatening.

America must make a substantial investment in fighting youth drug addiction to reclaim our tomorrows. 

America needs a strong network of treatment and recovery resources focused on the unique needs of youth.