In the "The Triangle of Self-Obsession", a healthy self-awareness  and addicts inability to recognize and accept their strengths,  weaknesses, and limitations are contrasted.
Resentment, anger, and  fear make up the triangle of self-obsession.
And that self-obsession  is at the heart of our insanity. 
As addicts, none of us like to hear that we are selfish. It is hard  for us to see beyond our own little world, a world filled with drugs,  deception and a cycle of pain and self-medication.
For some of us,  we built this world out of a need for self-defense.
But in the end, we  are only left with our need for instant gratification.
Our wants and  our needs become demands.
We go to any lengths to achieve what  we believe will make us whole and fulfilled.
However, fulfillment  is impossible while in active addiction. 
Change is possible. In NA, we are given a new set of tools and a  new way of life. We find the tools weve been seeking by working  the 12 steps with honesty and open-mindedness.
If we stay clean  and practice spiritual principles in all of our affairs, miracles  happen in our lives. We can find freedom from our addiction; we  can also find love and faith.
We are also told we have one true  choice, find a different way to live or die from our addiction.

We all were young once,  and others met our basic needs.
As  addicts we never outgrow the self-centeredness of the child.
Anger is the way most of us deal with the present.
In  the end, we find have a disease that forces us to seek help.
And that  help can be in the form of Narcotics Anonymous.